With this free ranging lifestyle I have, it means that for a bit of the year we return to our house in Maine. I love this house. We have been working on it now for eight years, with some years having seen major renovation and upheaval, and others just light touches. We are nearing the end of the renovation tunnel (knock on wood, right) but there will always be the chores to do as we return year after year. One of those is windows.

In the fall, when the weather turns really too cool/cold to have windows open anymore – and when the storms start coming off the water with a fierce wind – we remove the screens to protect them from damage. When we are not in the house it is also nice to know they won’t get torn up from winter weather. So when we return and when weather is beautiful, being able to open up windows is at the top of the list. It isn’t just washing the screens and putting them back in to all TWENTY THREE windows.  (We don’t have a big house, just lots of windows and light.)  Cleaning out the tracks from dirt, debris, and green stuff (don’t want to know) and cleaning the glass becomes a big job.

We also usually put in our garden asap and get the deck (our outside living space) all arranged and pots planted. Working around the weather can drag it all out, but as of today, check, check and check. Now, on to kitchen cabinet painting and furniture refinishing, when I’m not working my day job. With all these distractions, it is hard to block time for fiber even though I love it. But it is nice to have a full day every day and try to “eat life”. (Movie quote – do you know from where?)


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