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Gilmore 32″ 8 Harness 10 Treadle Floor Loom

Purchased from the amazing and lovely Nancy Simpson of silkworm growing fame, I feel honored to be the next person to weave on this loom.  The sound is wonderful because a significant portion of this loom is wood.  It is such an earthy sound reminiscent of playing with Lincoln Logs or blocks as a child (ok, does that date me?).  She had already reversed the back beam supports to raise the warp up a bit as is recommended in these older models.  I did discover the problem documented that upon brake release the back beam would spin out.  Inconvenient more than a real problem, I ordered the spin control kit.  I must say, they are an amazing company.  I called and not only did they talk me through the steps patiently but also noted the loom serial number and recorded me as the new owner.  Makes me feel quite special.

I was most shocked by the fact that this loom giving me five more inches of weaving width and doubling my harnesses takes up barely any more footprint space than the Nilus.  As per Gilmore recommendations, I did also choose to lightly sand all surfaces, yes, that is all wood sides which is a LOT.  I also did an overall light Murphys oil soap wash and reapplied polyurethane and it is now a sparkling beauty.


LeClerc Nilus 27″ 4 Harness 6 Treadle Floor Loom.

My mother gave me this loom, which started it all.  I believe it was part of a fiber program equipment inventory from the 1970s.  I needed to replace the brake mechanism and got texsolve cord to tie up the treadles.  I also changed out the flat steel heddles with inserted eyes which are wonderful.  The high castle is nice for tying the apron rods, front or back, while warping.  When I warp front to back, which is the way I learned, it is a bit of a game of Twister to release the break, hold the warp taught with one hand and turn the back beam crank to wind on.  Have to have my husband help when warps are wide. It is a great workhorse.  Because I have grown to want more harnesses and more weaving width, I was thinking about a new loom and happened upon the Gilmore.